How to green your South Florida home – Part I

I keep getting the same questions and feedback has been great for the posts on this site. Still people like to get the “quick and dirty” rundown. So here is my offering at the simple quick tips to improve your home and make it a more green building; for your health, for your wallet and for your overall well being…

Part I will focus on small to no budget items.

Part II will look at medium expenses or items to look at if they break and need (NEED!) replacement

Part III will look at the big changes that will have a lasting impact on your life 9from a green building perspective, but who knows, maybe more…)

Part I. What really works:

Light bulbs. Yes, you heard it everywhere, and indeed, it is true. Now do not run and replace all light bulbs. Instead update as the old ones burn out. If you can, convert to LED lighting fixtures. Some bulbs are already available to fit in the existing fixtures.

Digital, programmable thermostat. Switch it. Even if you have an old AC unit, invest the +/- $30 to get one that you can program and actually do it. There is no need for the AC to run all day at 74º and waste your hard earned money…and it also takes wear on your…

Filters. Keep an eye on them and change them about once a month. Not just will a dirt filter make your AC work harder and thus less efficient but the air quality will diminish quickly with dirty filters. See to get a washable one, or better two… so you can actually clean it well and wait for it to dry without runign the unit filter less.

Weatherization. Go through your home and look at the doors and windows. Self adhesive weatherization strips fit easily into the frame where needed. Consider interior doors as well. These neat little strips also help to prevent door slamming by giving a soft buffer to the frame and extending the life of your door. Look for large gaps around the frame and silicone it. If you can, get a XXX. The “Great Stuff” works, but has other side effects, such as ozone depleting potential and global warming gas issues.

Cleaning Supply. Switch from the toxic commercial options and go for simple non toxic cleaners. Glass, surfaces and tiles can all be cleaned with a vinegar base. Go back to the newspaper for deep cleaning of windows. Also switch out the Swifters and paper towels for a microfiber cloth. 500+ uses and no dust moving around. If you are not quite ready to make your own, go for the environmental options available at most grocery stores. Look for biodegradable. Detergent is the hardest to find/make. Stick to the environmentally conscious brands here.

Pest Management. Go for the powdered options over the spray. Look at your outside wall and clear any bridges for pests to get into the house, such as plant leaves, wooden sticks and branches and mulch directly at the outside wall.

Landscaping. Look for some of the other posts for this topic.

For specific help, contact Sebastian Eilert to get a custom plan to green your home. 786.556.3118








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