“Evolve your Home” is the slogan for the new concept that
opened its store/showroom location in Coral Gables. Proprietors Christopher Block
and Buck Reilly have combined their experience in home energy auditing and
passion for good design and quality materials that have one common denominator:
they will make your home better in some way. That may include saving energy, reducing
your carbon footprint, saving water or improving your air quality.

The concept merges professional consulting on sustainable issues
with the ability to actually touch, sample and order some of the systems and materials
discussed. The benefit to the homeowner is that a pre-selection, or quality
control has already been applied to the materials exhibit in the showroom.

The benefit of actually experiencing the materials, rather
than looking at them in an online catalog, is one very valuable feature not just
to the homeowner looking to be more “green”, but also to professionals like
myself. I can now happily guide current and future clients to Habify to view a
lot of the materials I have been using for years.

The opening was attended by many in the green building industry
as well by selected Coral Gables officials to welcome the new business to Coral
Gables. A stylish event, I am sure it is indicative of the quality work Habify
brings to the area.

Learn more at: http://www.habify.com/