After going over so many possible options to improve the energy efficiency for your home I find it time to put together an official weatherization package.

 There are plenty of rebates currently available and even more are coming in the next few weeks and months. This is indeed a great time to look at energy improvements for your home and small business.  Not just will you be able to significantly improve your operating cost, but the Government will help you pay for it. The upcoming incentives are certainly a positive aspect of the recovery act that has found its way to the end consumer.

In other posts we already looked at LED’s, appliances and general saving, specifically relating to South Florida. Please look at the “Greening your South Florida Home, Part I, Part II and Part III.

 A concise Weatherization package should include at a minimum the analysis of the windows and doors, insulating in the walls and especially in the roof and attic. These simple primary starting points can lead to substantial savings in a very short time by controlling your building envelope. Energy savings do not end with the way you use your shell; it is only the beginning.

Consider additional energy and water savings with other improvements such as HVAC update and roof replacement. There are also rebates to update your water heater, dishwasher and refrigerator.

The homestar retrofit rebate package is the governments’ incentive under the Recovery act to provide partial funding for improvements for homeowner for reducing their energy bills. Regardless of this package, there are many sensible options to improve the use of energy in your home.

 More information about the Homestar pacakage can also be found here.

If you need additional help and like a project specific analysis, please contact me:

Sebastian Eilert, AIA, LEED AP