LED – the good, the bad and the ugly…

…truth about LED lighting. Just returned from Greenbuild in Phoenix, Arizona, I find it appropriate to add a little section about LED lighting. The exhibit hall featured a number of LED providers and the topic of LED was referenced in numerous lectures.

There is no denying that LED lights have rapidly become a key component of green building and daily life. The applications are increasing and the designs of lights are improving. Still the leading LED sector focuses on commercial buildings. This is primarily due to cost as well as maintenance budgets, both are greatly affected by the use of LED’s. When looking to the residential sector, the applications and availability have improved drastically.

To start, incandescent bulbs are at their end of life. The light bulb as invented by Edison, has been optimized as much as possible and does not bear much more room for improvement. The fluorescent light bulb front has improved much and has adapted into many shapes, forms and applications. Dimmable options are the norm and the standard light bulb has the lighting levels and warmth desired. Countries like Germany are looking to outlaw incandescent bulbs in favor of fluorescent and …the LED option.

LED lights were created for the mainstream market comparatively recently and have since then improved drastically. The lighting warmth, moving away from the initial bright blue application typically found in car lights has given way to the yellow tones required for home lighting. Also, the appeal has improved. Starting at great options for exterior lighting we have since moved to the inside and away from single spots. Recessed options as spot or ambient lighting are available and working well. The benefit of long life, little energy use and excellent lighting levels will surely make this little bulb the star of the green building future.

The one caveat remaining? Price. It is true, that the initial cost of a LED is still significantly higher than that of any other similar fixture. However, looking at the life cycle cost, considering intial investment, life span and energy use, the LED bulb wins. We are sure to have even more affordable options in the (near) future.

Look for the Alcaraz Kitchen post on this blog to see how some LED recess lights were integrated by Sebastian Eilert Architecture designs. Considering LED’s for your project? We are glad to help!

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