Santos Residence – Master Suite & Kitchen Renovation

Mr. and Mrs. Santos Master Suite and kitchen upgrade is located on The Venetian Islands in Miami Beach, Florida. The original house was built in the 1950’s and the integration of the new design into the existing style was a key factor for this project.

Santos Kitchen
Santos Kitchen

The project started with the existing kitchen area which included the kitchen, laundry cabinet and breakfast area. The spaces were segmented and hindering each other in the desired use. By opening up the space and reconfiguring the center island leading to a focal dining area the flow was increased along with storage, lighting and usability. A double stacked oven was installed in the corner to provide easy access and allow for additional storage in the center island. The powder room received a full face list and now serves as cabana bath as well.

The Laundry closet received its own room upstairs in proximity to the collection area and the master suite expanded with a walk through closet leading into the renovated and upgraded bathroom. The later focused on clean lines, functionality and natural light.

Santos Master Closet and Entry to Master Bathroom







3 responses to “Santos Residence – Master Suite & Kitchen Renovation”

  1. David Nicks Avatar
    David Nicks

    Very nice. I can imagine starting my day peacefully with a good cup of coffee.

  2. jasa kontraktor Avatar

    this is my dream home…i hope in the future i can achieve it

  3. Karen Pitsley Avatar
    Karen Pitsley

    What a beautiful space. I look forward to seeing your future work!

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