Coral Gables addition and renovation underway…

This is probably the modest addition we currently have underway in the City of Coral Gables. It will create an amazing space to the rear of the house. The addition consists of a new master suite and covered terrace to the rear and improved space with new AC on the interior.

footings coming out of the ground

The complexity of any Coral Gables project is still evident in this project. Starting with the strict Board of architect approval the design provides a clean detail for the column to beam connections, currently underway. Coral Gables also limits the area of flat roofs allowed resulting in only a portion of the addition providing this minimal slope – even though the roof is called “flat” there is still a minimum code required slope; we are using ¼” per foot. The exposed beams will create an increased illusion and feel of height along the transitional steps to the yard.

shell complete

Look for future updates and contact for any questions of project inquiry.





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