Solar System Guide for South Florida – guest post by Reese Lawley

Solar energy is the cheapest, most accessible and plentiful energy source on the planet. It is possible to run solar power for everyday electrical uses such as air conditioners, water heaters and anything that works with gas and electricity. We’ve compiled a plethora of information solar energy answering common questions such as “What is solar energy?” and “Is solar right for me?”, plus so much more. The guide was created for consumers that need assistance in learning about and making purchasing decisions pertaining to solar energy. In it, we have information about the way solar works, who is a good candidate for solar, and the different types of solar.

Check out the full guide here:






3 responses to “Solar System Guide for South Florida – guest post by Reese Lawley”

  1. ZIXODA - Otto Schwarzkopf Avatar
    ZIXODA – Otto Schwarzkopf

    Moin Sebi

    The advertising on your blog posts and email blasts are really starting to cheapen your efforts here. I know there is some financial reward users get if they permit the insertion but some of the ads I see are just trash. I have even seen these being added on quite “reputable” sites at the bottom and am astonished that this occurs.

    Anyway, posted this for you in the footer.

    Also added a feature to advertise the WWA 30 book on the homepage linking to GAS.

    Bis dann Otto


    1. Sebastian Eilert Avatar

      Thanks. Th ave not seen financial reward. I agree, they are weird. Will look into it.

  2. […] homes get a lot of sunshine — so much so that many people choose to power their homes with solar energy. In the spring and summer, the sun can be so hot it can significantly heat up any home, causing the […]

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