Design after COVID 19. How the virus may affect architectural design for the home, Part II

There is no doubt that the “after” will bring with it some changes and lasting adjustments. After looking at what changes to the home may look like, how do we interact with others in this sacred space?

In the home – Part II:

The first part tot his question is relatively easy: “Remote work from home” now includes some area with a computer setup that has a reasonable clear background for video calls and conferences. Few homes are designed with a home office in mind, so there is another change that will be forthcoming for future design. a home office or home office nook will be a feature that will be standard in post COVID-19 residential design. Even for professions that do not need this setup for their basic livelihood, the feature is sure to become a standard, much like the entry foyer noted in the related post, in the home part I.

Beyond work, this area can be used for a new type of happy hour, remote classrooms and other social interactions. But what about multiple people working or learning from home in the same schedule? To create a home office space for each family member is not feasible, so creative partitions with sound isolation may be the answer.

Creating office nooks can present a solution to carve out space in an arrangement.







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  1. Sebastian Eilert Avatar

    Sollte eigentlich da sein… hmm.

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