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  • Pinecrest Gardens – Lower Garden Bathrooms design by S.E.A.

    Pinecrest Gardens – Lower Garden Bathrooms design by S.E.A.

    The Village of Pinecrest asked Sebastian Eilert Architecture to provide a design for a new bathroom structure adjacent to the historic original entrance to the park. The free standing building had to blend into the existing park design and feature sustainable building practices, especially focusing on water conservation. The building was designed with exposed beams…

  • GaiaMa – a LEED Platinum Vastu design by Sebastian Eilert Architecture

    GaiaMa is a new single-story home of 1500 square feet located in the Miami Dade village of Biscayne Park. The design is inspired by Vastu principles and has strong focus on sustainability and durability. The house is built out of ICF walls and insuldeck roofing system, making it hyper-insulated. A central cupola features an inverted…

  • Moorgins Residence Renovation/Addition – Sebastian Eilert Architecture

    Moorgins Residence Renovation/Addition – Sebastian Eilert Architecture

    The Moorings Residence is a wonderful remodel of a 1960’s gem settled in the Moorings community within the neighborhood of Coconut Grove. The original single-story residence boasted with wood details and featured a structural roof made from 2x’s. Supported by only a few bearing walls, the house literally invites the outside in with removed floors…

  • Small Spaces, Big Changes

    One of the many ways we can reduce our impact on the environment is to minimize the amount of space we require for day-to-day living. Fewer belongings in less space need less energy to maintain. Though adopting smaller living spaces may pose some initial challenges, transitioning to a more minimalist lifestyle is less complicated than…

  • Eco-Friendly Home Spring Cleaning Tips 

    Spring officially began on March 20, 2022, and the seasons are changing. The arrival of spring means it’s time for homeowners to do a spring cleaning. Spring cleaning can help declutter spaces and make them feel healthy and airy as we head into the warmest part of the year. If a homeowner cares about the…

  • Passive House Design Principles for New or Existing Homes

    Passive House Design Principles for New or Existing Homes

    When using cavity insulation, the framing material can still transmit energy through a process called thermal bridging. Thermal bridging detracts from energy efficiency and is especially problematic when metal framing is used. Continuous insulation, the more efficient system, can counteract this effect. It refers to a single continuous layer of insulation wrapping an entire structure.

  • Four Tips for Eco-Friendly Bathroom Cleaning

    Most of us look at cleaning as a chore—especially true for bathrooms, as tight corners, grout and our hot and humid South Florida climate make for challenging work. Mold and mildew love heat and humidity, so there’s always grime to get rid of. If you’re environmentally conscious, this becomes doubly unpleasant because so many cleaning…

  • Conserving Water at Home: Things You Can Do To Save the Planet

    Conserving Water at Home: Things You Can Do To Save the Planet

    Saving water saves more than just the water, but also all that energy used to treat it. Here are four quick ways you can do your part to save water, save the energy it costs to treat it and bring it to your tap and save the planet.

  • Residential Toilets—A History And Options

    Residential Toilets—A History And Options

    As late as 1940, nearly half the houses in the US lacked an indoor flush toilet, and people still relied on the outhouse, which was little more than a rough wooden shed featuring a bench with a hole in the middle of it, built above a large pit. Thankfully, toilets are now standard in all…

  • Solar-Powered Desalination Device Will Turn Sea Water Into Fresh Water For 400,000 People

    A shipping-container hosting the world’s first zero-emissions, solar powered desalination technology is bringing clean water to rural Kenya. — Read on