Countertops and such…

No kitchen is complete without the proper countertop. From the recent increase of kitchen renovations in my practice, I like to share some of my favorite counter tops and also shed some light on the most commonly used materials and their properties.

A few years ago I came across this neat breakdown of the most typical materials:



















It is looking at items such as heat retention, damage to surface and stain damage. The reviews are in line with my own observations, so I have to agree with the provided breakdown. Indeed Soapstone, crowned the winner by the author of the comparison, is also my favorite. It is a soft stone, very easy to maintain and quite durable. It also is not prone to chipping and does not retain heat, which makes it great for a kitchen with active children. The downside of Soapstone? The cost and the color. The stone comes in dark shades, black to green. The cost is also about $45-$75, which makes it at par or even more costly than the all popular Granite. The upside, there is US Soapstone available out of Vermont…

I have used the stone as a contrast to white cabinets and colorful backsplashes very successfully.

Soapstone Countertops


















A material absent from the list are some of the newer composite materials that frequently contain recycled content and thus make them a great option for projects seeking LEED or other green building certification. I have been partial to a product called CesarStone and have used it, which contains 30% recycled content or more, in a number of projects. The clients have been satisfied across the board. One of the benefits of these man-made materials is that they tend to have a excellent color spectrum and particle options (how large and what kind of chips you can see).

Ceasarstone Countertop















So what material should you choose for your kitchen renovation? My recommendation is to make a list of the most important features and then consider the color and feel of the kitchen as a whole… it will rule out some of the options. The final decision will probably also consider cost.


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